What Is Looked At When A Tire Inspection Is Performed?

If you are planning on going on a road trip, it is advised that you take your car to have the tires inspected. However, most people think that they can inspect their own tires and do not need a professional to do so, and as such, they skip going. Learning what is looked at during a tire inspection and why it is important for a professional to complete this step may help you to understand why this is important before a road trip. Here are a few of the things that are looked at when a tire inspection is performed. 

Worn Tread

During a tire inspection, a tire professional will thoroughly inspect your tire looking for worn tread. Most people know that you need to replace your tires when the tread is worn. But what you may not realize is that the tread on your tires can wear unevenly. As such, you may be looking at the side of the tire and the tread may look good from that angle. But what you may not see is that there is a worn patch on the top or bottom of the tire. A pro will thoroughly inspect the tire to ensure there is no worn tread anywhere. 


During a tire inspection, a professional will also inspect your tire for damage, including holes, punctures, and bubbles. Many people assume that if their tire had a hole, puncture, or leak, that they would know because the tire would go flat. Many tires these days are designed to last even with a hole or puncture. But, driving on a punctured tire for prolonged periods of time can cause that puncture or hole to grow or put pressure on it, leading to a blowout. A pro will inspect the tire for signs of damage and let you know whether a replacement is needed because of that damage. 

Air Pressure

Lastly, a professional will check the air pressure of your tire. Most people don't know what pressure is right for their car. Having the air pressure in your tire too high or too low causes you to use more gas than you should and causes the tire to wear unevenly. Having a pro fill up the tires helps ensure the pressure is perfect in your tires. 

When you are ready to hit the road for your road trip, the last thing you want is to encounter a flat tire. While you cannot prevent every flat tire from occurring, having your tires inspected before you head out on your trip can help minimize the chances of it happening to you. Not only can this help to save you time, but it helps to keep your family safe as well. A professional tire shop can inspect your tires before your trip and make recommendations if damage or wear is noted.