Inspecting The Safety Of Your RV's Electric Brake System

Excellent stopping power is essential when moving thousands of pounds of weight at high speed. For this reason, it's critical you know how to inspect the safety of your RV's electric brakes. Before you head out on your next adventure, learn how to examine the safety of your brakes first. 


Some brake systems are self-adjusting; however, electric brake systems are not. Consequently, you will need to manually adjust the brakes on your own or have a professional complete the task for you if you don't have the experience. Adjustments are essential as they ensure the lining of the brakes wear at the same rate so that you don't have areas of the brake with more wear than others. If you have never had your brakes adjusted, there is a real chance they may not be as safe as you think. 

Breakaway System

If you have a trailer attached to your RV, a part of ensuring the safety of the vehicle is also inspecting the breakaway system on the actual trailer. Even with precaution, the unexpected can always occur. In the event the trailer detached from the RV, the breakaway system would activate and slow the trailer. You should regularly check that the breakaway system is working correctly by testing the battery system that controls the breakaway function on the trailer. 

Brake Controller

The condition of the brake controller can offer you some information regarding the safety of your brake system. The goal of the brake control is ultimately to ensure that a proper amount of power is transferred to your brake system. Too little power means that your RV may not have suitable stopping power. If you look at the controller box, there should be a voltage testing option; complete this step to check its function. 


If you see any sign of corrosion around your brake's system — be leery. Corrosion means several things. First, corrosion implies that there is a level of deterioration taking place. You need to have someone check the brakes to see why. Second, corrosion serves as somewhat of a barrier in that it will make it harder for the magnets to connect, which will lessen some of your stopping power. 

Should you recognize a concern with your electric brake system, have the system inspected before you put your RV on the road. Both your safety and the safety of other motorists on the road depends on your actions. Visit a repair technician as soon as possible. 

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