3 Bus Repairs Mobile Mechanics Can Easily Handle

Many people rely on mobile buses to make a living. Some buses are converted into retail clothing boutiques, food trucks, or other mobile businesses that are used to generate income.

Getting stranded on the side of the road with a bus that has broken down can be devastating. Not only will you be missing out on valuable sales, but you will have to invest in costly repairs to get your bus/business up and running once again. The cost of towing a bus can be high, so working with a mobile mechanic who will come to you when repairs are needed can be beneficial.

1. Leaking Hoses

Some of the components within a combustion engine rely on fluids to help aid in lubrication and heat transference. These fluids travel from one part of the engine to another via a series of tubes and hoses.

Automotive tubes and hoses are generally made from rubber. This means that the tubes and hoses in your bus could crack with age. These cracks result in fluid leaks that could compromise the efficiency and performance of your bus. If you notice fluids pooling beneath your bus while you park to service your customers, contact a mobile bus mechanic to repair or replace the damaged part.

2. Broken Timing Belt

Each of the cylinders within your bus's engine must fire at the same time to ensure efficient performance. A timing belt is an internal engine component that turns the cam and crankshaft to synchronize the firing of engine cylinders. Ticking in the engine, engine misfires, or difficulty starting your bus could all be signs that you have a broken timing belt.

If you continue to operate your mobile bus without replacing the timing belt, you run the risk of causing irreparable damage to your engine. A mobile bus mechanic can come to your location and install a new timing belt so that you don't have to drive your bus to an automotive repair shop.

3. Alternator Replacement

Almost every driver has experienced a dead battery within their vehicle at some point during their driving years. A dead battery can be caused by a malfunctioning alternator. The alternator is responsible for providing a continuous charge to the battery so that battery power within your vehicle will never be depleted.

If you are unable to start your mobile bus manually or with jumper cables, then contact a mobile mechanic to install a new alternator.